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925 Sterling Silver Button Pearl Stud earrings 8.5mm "Treena" (Black)

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Gorgeous freshwater pearls in a lovely button shape.  These are the perfect shape for stud earrings as they sit closer to the ear than round pearls, and yet when worn, appear to be "round".

  • Size approximately 8.5mm
  • Button shape AAA grade freshwater pearl
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Stud fitting with butterfly clip
  • Colour - BLACK (but not totally black.  As this is a real pearl it has a natural lustre to it with underlining hues of pink, red purple)

Please note that there are several colours in this range

Customer Reviews

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Antoinette McLeod
Lovely red/purple hue

These black studs have a really lovely hue of a red/purple shimmer in the light, was an unexpected surprise as thought they would be just black, so more than happy with this !