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Threader earrings with cube shaped Swarovski crystal "Julie"

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925 Silver plated threader earrings with a cube shaped Swarovski crystal.

Threader earrings are easy to wear. Pull chain through ear lobe and adjust to length you want. Swarovski crystal can sit close to your ear with silver chain hanging down or it can be positioned so that both chain end and crystal are hanging together - over to you!

Colour - really hard to describe - it seems every colour is reflected in these lovely earrings but is most accurately shown in the photo of the earrings in my hand.  The earrings photos in ears is to show size only - not colour.

  • Total length - 105 mm
  • Swarovski crystal - 5 mm each side
  • 925 Sterling Silver plated chain and fitting with Rhodium plating

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