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About Us

Frenelle Jewellery was established by Judy and Dennis Wood in 2018.

Dennis and Judy Wood owners of Frenelle Jewellery

The name "Frenelle" was chosen after a lengthy search looking for a word that was; short, everyone could pronounce, spell correctly, and was available as a website name, as well as on social media sites. These requirements reduced the list considerably and "Frenelle" was selected.

What our customers say

In 2022, we added a review option to our website which allows customers to rate and comment on products they have purchased.  This is managed through a third party and Frenelle has no influence or ability to manage what customers say - these are all honest and genuine reviews from customers who have actually purchased the product.  (The third party is called "Judge.me")

You can also read customer reviews on google.  Simply type "Frenelle Jewellery" into Google and our google reviews should show on the right-hand side of your computer screen.

Motivation for establishing Frenelle

If you battle the Auckland traffic each day, you will appreciate our motivation in finding a business where we did not have to face the traffic chaos each day.

Traffic congestion in Auckland

Every year, the traffic seemed to grow worse and our lack of patience with it grew even more. There had to be a better way of spending out time rather than sitting in traffic for hours a day!  We had a very strong desire to find something we could operate from home.

Dennis Wood

Dennis literally travelled on the southern motorway for 27 years while working as a uniformed officer and Detective in the NZ Police. After retiring from the Police, he worked for a Chartered Accounting Firm in the CBD for nine years completing two degrees, including an MBA.

The photo below with Dennis in uniform was taken around 1992 at the top of Vulcan Lane in Auckland city.

Dectective Inspector Dennis Wood in Vulcan Lane Auckland

Dennis has now taken over the family farm and runs beef stock. 

Judy Wood

Judy is a former lecturer, having taught business at the Auckland University of Technology, also for 27 years.

Judy loves to paint and her preferred medium is acrylic on canvas. Her work has been exhibited and sold through various art shows and galleries. Her work can be seen on www.judywood.co.nz. These days however, the jewellery business has taken over much of her time and painting has taken a step back.

Judy Wood collecting fruit from orchard


Frenelle Jewellery

Frenelle Jewellery evolved, not only from a strong wish to avoid the motorway at all costs, but also from Judy’s passion for design and making her own fashion jewellery.

There was also a desire to offer jewellery to the market that represented better value for money than the current online options.

The jewellery Frenelle sells is not "fine" jewellery, as in solid gold, but it is not "costume" jewellery either.  As, freshwater pearls, 18K gold, white gold, 925 Sterling Silver plating are all used in the items sold.  Many of the pieces are solid 925 Sterling Silver.

Apart from offering affordable jewellery of good quality, we wanted our business to be different and offer something more attractive to our customers. We aimed to build a business that offered our customers;

  • Distinct saving in time - shopping from home instead of having to physically visit one or more stores.
  • Very easy to use shopping cart and purchase process.
  • Fast delivery and tracking – we live and operate in New Zealand – where our customers are based.  ALL stock is held in Auckland and available for immediate dispatch.
  • Good communication with an option to receive the latest information on promotions.
  • New products in store weekly.
  • A good range of products to suit all occasions, styles and tastes.
  • Good presentation of products – so customers can feel confident in sending jewellery as a gift direct to the recipient (we also offer a gift wrapping option).

We would like to give our customers the best shopping experience we can, so if you feel we could do things better, we would love to hear from you.

We hope you enjoy our website and please read our customer reviews.