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Need to work out your ring size?

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Not sure of your ring size? It's always a good idea to know what your ring size is before you make an expensive purchase.

This simple device is easy to use, fully adjustable and reusable.

Simply slip the pointed end through the loop with the arrow and pull tight once you have it on your finger. It should fit snuggly - not too tight and not too loose. Once you have the feel of it right - read the number the arrow is pointing to. That's your ring size.

This ring size measuring tool is based on US sizes. To know what a US size is in other sizes, then go to the Frenelle blog "What is my ring size".  A chart appear with a size conversion table which will allow you to convert US sizes to UK, diameter, circumference, German and Japanese sizing.

I realise the shipping is more expensive than the actual item - my apologies, it is unavoidable.  Just remember if you are purchasing $60 or more shipping is FREE

Customer Reviews

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Excellent to deal with

Helen Cook

Thanks it's perfect 😊

Amalia Fish
Ring size measurer

This is a handy little accessory to find your right size if you wish to buy a Frenelle ring in the future 😊👍