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Earring Backs - which one to use?

by Judy Wood August 08, 2023 3 min read

Earring backs are the fittings which attach to an earring post and hold the earring in place.

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Butterfly Clips

Most stud earrings are designed with a post fitting and an earring backing such as a butterfly clip.  Sometimes this type of back is called a "wing nut"

Butterfly clips are generally all made in a similar way with a scroll each side to enable the wearer to hold on to the clip and pushing it onto the earring post.

Butterfly clips earring backs - Frenelle Jewellery

Butterfly clips come in different sizes - from very tiny to huge!  They also come in different colours; gold, silver and rose-gold to match your earrings.

Due to their small size, they do have a tendency to get lost - so if you are thinking of buying replacements - you may like to think about getting a larger size which is easier to handle.


Silicone (Comfort Fit) Disks

Some people find butterfly clips uncomfortable to wear and so opt to use a silicone earring backing.  These are round silicone disks which are attach to a button style earring back.  They are sometimes known by the name "Comfort Fit" backs.

They come in gold, silver and rose-gold to match your earrings.

They are larger than butterfly clips and so there is more to hold on to, making them easier to fit onto the earring post.


Silicone comfort fit discs earring backs


 Bullet Backs

This type of fitting is similar to the silicone disk fitting - but without the silicone disk!  It simply pushes onto the earring post to hold the earring in place.

Although there are slight variations to the shape - the design of all bullet backs is very similar. 

The name comes from its similarity to the shape of a bullet.

earring backs bullet


Earring Lifters

If you have a liking for large heavy earrings, then you may find over time, that your earlobe and/or hole has stretched and earrings no longer sit at the front of the lobe.  They may droop down a bit.

Earring lifters are designed with a bit of extra metal, so the earring has something firm to push against when placed on the ear.  With the extra "bracing" that the ear lifter gives, the earring should sit in a better position on the earlobe.

They come in different designs, but all do the same job - "lifting" the earring into the correct position, as shown in the photo below

Earring lifters for droopy earlobes
earring lifters buy online from Frenelle



Security stoppers

These are basically silicone versions of bullet backs.  They can be used directly on an earring post, or can be put on the end of a french hook. 

If you have a tendency to loose your earrings, then a security stopper might be a good idea to use on an expensive pair of earrings.  They can be used in place of butterfly clips or even put on AFTER the butterfly clips for extra security. 

Earring security stoppers frenelle    silicone security stoppers for hook earrings    


Flat Backs

Flat back earrings became popular through the use of multiple piercings.  Using a smaller backing behind the earlobe gave more space for additional earrings.   Traditional backs such as butterfly clips took up a little more room. 

Flat backs are also more comfortable to wear.  As the name "flat backs" suggest they are flat and therefore good to wear long-term - even when sleeping.  

Two styles of flat back are available, "Push pin" and Screw back".  With the push pin, the side which enters the earlobe hole first is the back of the fitting.

With the screw fitting, the earring post is threaded and the back screws into it.  This makes it a very secure fitting and less likely to fall out.

flat back earring style frenelle