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Eternity Rings: what are they and when is an eternity ring given?

by Judy Wood September 01, 2023 2 min read

Engagement rings are given as a promise to marry.  Wedding rings are exchanged on the day of the wedding. 

Eternity rings can be given to commemorate a special occasion, such as the birth of a child or 10th anniversary.  There is no definitive special event, eternity rings are  given whenever you feel the need to show the one you love your continued commitment and love.

Which finger is an eternity ring worn on?

The order in which rings are traditionally worn are: wedding ring, then engagement ring and then an eternity ring on top of that.  They are all worn on the left hand on the "ring" finger.

However, today eternity rings are worn on any finger.  If you are lucky enough to have been given one for the birth of a child, 5th anniversary, 10th anniversary, etc, the ring finger can become a little over-crowded.  No worries!  You have other fingers to wear your well-earned jewellery.

What does an eternity ring look like?

Traditional eternity rings are straight bands with a line of round diamonds all the same size.  The size of the stones generally determines how many stones are used.  If using large 6.5mm stones (1 carat) then there is probably only enough space on the band for three stones.

3 stone eternity ring frenelle

Frenelle's "Avila" eternity ring has 5 stones of 3mm (1.5 carats)  The setting on the band is approximately 22mm wide.  This is a good width to get a comfortable fit on the finger.

5 stone eternity ring frenelle

A nine-stone ring needs to have smaller stones to fit on the band. Smaller stones equates to less carats.  These nine stones are 2.3mm or approximately .04 carats.  .04 x 9 = .36 carats.  I would go for the 5 stone option!

9 stone eternity ring frenelle

Which style of eternity ring to buy?

There are typically three styles of traditional band eternity rings.  

Standard setting where the stones do not go down beside the fingers.  This is the most comfortable style to wear as there are no stones sitting between the fingers to rub and irritate the skin.

eternity band 5 stone setting frenelle

Half band (or 180 degrees).  This setting has the stones set halfway around the band.  The stones sit between the fingers and can cause irritation.  Many people also comment that it keeps the fingers "separated" unnaturally by the ring setting.

180 half eternity ring frenelle

Full band (or 360 degrees).  While it is tempting to want as many sparkly stones as possible on your ring.  How many people will admire the stones when they are under your hand or between your fingers?  The additional cost would be better spend in larger, better quality stones on top of the ring where they can be admired. 

Wearers often comment that these rings can be very uncomfortable to wear as the stones rub against the inside of the fingers and against the palm of the hand.

360 full band eternity ring frenelle