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What is an "Evil Eye"?

by Judy Wood September 14, 2023 2 min read

What religion is the evil eye?
The Origins. The history of the evil eye dates back to ancient Mesopotamia, followed by Assyrians and Phoenicians, Celts, the Hellenistic Era, Roman, Jewish through to the Bible, Europe, and the modern-day world.
Belief in the evil eye is ancient and ubiquitous; it occurred in ancient Greece and Rome, in Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions, and in indigenous, peasant, and other folk societies, and it has persisted throughout the world into modern times.

In Greek culture, the evil eye is known as “mati” (μάτι) — a curse given to someone with a malicious glare that is said to give bad luck or loss to whoever receives it.

The evil eye, also known as the "nazar" is a big part of Cypriot culture. Throughout the ages, the evil eye has always been considered a powerful protective symbol to conquer and defy evil forces and negative energy.

It is believe that the curse itself causes bad things to happen to the person who has received the curse, such as headaches and even a string of “bad luck”. Wearing a special evil eye charm, also called a mati, is said to help prevent the curse from even happening.

Blue is associated with the Mediterranean region and has deep roots in Greek and Turkish cultures. The blue evil eye is believed to offer protection and ward off negative energies, jealousy, and ill-will. It is often used as an amulet or talisman to bring luck and prosperity to the wearer.

What is the most powerful evil eye?
The Hamsa, often known as the “Hand of Fatima,” is one of the most potent instances of the evil eye amulet in the Middle East and Africa. The hamsa is a sign in the shape of a hand with an evil eye on the palm. To ward off the evil eye, the hamsa might be utilized in wallpaper or jewelry.
The secret powers of Evil Eye jewellery

The belief is that another person's glance may contain a supernatural power capable of harming others if they're looked upon long enough. Wearing an evil eye amulet protects you from such negative energy by commanding respect from anyone who might want to direct it toward you.
What is the most effective evil eye?
The Hamsa is an equally powerful charm that represents the same benefits as the evil eye and is one of the most powerful examples of evil eye amulets in Africa and the Middle East. Also known as the "Hand of Fatima", the Hamsa takes the shape of a hand with evil eyes at its palm.