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Adjusting Huggie Earrings

by Judy Wood February 24, 2023 2 min read

Huggie Earrings

Huggie earrings are comfortable to wear and look great as you don’t see any joins or clips that attach the earring to the ear.  However, because of the way in which they hold together, adjustments may be necessary to the post to ensure a good fit.

Before it is packaged, all jewellery is checked to make sure everything is working correctly, but as you open and close the huggie, the earring post can be pushed out of alignment with the catch on the opposite side. 

Adjusting Huggie Earrings

At the end of the earring post is a “notch” which holds the earring, using the catch, to the opposite side.  If the earring post goes out of alignment by a fraction of a millimeter, the earring may feel hard to close or too loose.  This is very common with huggies and it is good to know what to do.

If this happens you need to look carefully at whether the notch on your huggies is at the bottom or top of the post.  Not all huggies  have the notch in the same place.  The post will need to be moved either  up or down depending on where the notch is and whether the closure feels tight or loose. 

Move the post very slightly by pressing down or up on the post and trying the closure each time you move it, until it feels as if it is closing securely. 

This adjustment needs to be a fraction of a millimetre at a time.

In the photo below, the notch on the earring post is at the top.  If the earring feels a little loose then the post would need to be pushed UP slightly until it gives a firm hold.

Adjusting Huggie earrings


In this photo below, the notch is at the bottom of the post.  Therefore if the earring feels too loose the post would need to be pushed DOWN slightly to make better contact with the catch on the other side.


Remember to make slight movements - only a fraction of a millimetre is needed to get your huggies back into alignment.  Each time you make a small movement, test the earring to see if you have adjusted it correctly.  If you push to hard you will find that you may need to push back the other way.

Because this is very common with huggies, there are a lot of youtube videos which will show you visually how to adjust your huggies - click here to see example

If you go to youtube and key in "adjusting huggie earrings" you will find many more instructional videos on adjusting huggies.

I hope this helps - Judy