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Malachite - What is it?

by Judy Wood May 26, 2022 1 min read

Malachite is a stone which has a beautiful, rich green colour with swirls of lighter or dark green running through it - similar to marble.  It is ONLY found in green and usually found in caves where the colour originates from copper.

Malachite is regarded as a "protection" stone and is perfect as a gift for a traveller.

One of its main healing properties is against female complaints such as labour pains and period cramps.  In some societies it became known as the "midwife stone" because of its use in easing labour pains.

Naturally forming Malachite is a very soft stone and is often coated in resin to protect it from scratches and knocks.

Synthetic Malachite is made from the crushed offcuts or waste from making Malachite jewellery.  It is mixed with dyes and resin and made into different shapes depending on the final use of the product.  It is sometimes referred to as "Reconstructed" Malachite.

Frenelle Jewellery

Real Malachite is very cold to touch and quite heavy.  The swirls are natural and  lighter in colour and the pattern does not repeat, as showing in the silver pendant on the right. 

Synthetic Malachite tends to have straight lines in the pattern.  The price is also a good indicator as to whether you are buying real Malachite or not.  Remember the saying "you get what you pay for".   

The Malachite jewellery offered by Frenelle IS synthetic, but not only is it gorgeous, its also affordable!