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Murano Glass

by Judy Wood February 15, 2022 1 min read

Murano Island is located in the waters which surround Venice. 

In the year 1291 a law was passed in which all glassmakers in Venice were to move to the island.  Some theories indicate this was to prevent the outbreak of fire in the city of Venice which was largely made of wooden buildings.  Other theories say this relocation allowed authorities to control the production secrets used to make the high quality glass which Murano is known for. 

Whatever the reason, the island of Murano gave its name to the high quality glass that originated from the island and for which it is still known today.

Murano glass produces some of the highest quality chandeliers, glass blows and ornaments available.

Glass bead making dates back to the Roman times, although there is evidence that it is even older than that.

The first documented glass beads made in Murano dates from the 13th century and refer to a kind of bead called 'Veriselli" which imitates precious stones.  

Today Murano glass beads come in all shapes, sizes and colours.  The traditional "Pandora" shape and size has become the most popular charm bead.