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Sky Blue Topaz

by Judy Wood November 01, 2022 2 min read

Topaz comes in a wide range of colours from clear crystal to yellows, reds and blues.

Why is it called "topaz"?

There are several different theories on how this lovely stone came to be called "topaz".  One theory is that it comes from the Greek word "Topazion" which is derived from the Sanskrist word for fire.  Another theory is that is named for the Egyptian Island of Topezos which is located in the Red Sea.  A third theory is that the topaz has a special signifcance for people who follow the Hindu religion and comes from the Hindu word for heat.

Where is topaz found?

The largest deposits of topaz are in Brazil and Russia although it is also found in; Pakistan, Australia, Mexico, America, Japan and Sweden.  It is often found in large quantities and in very large pieces.

Colours of Topaz

Imperial Topaz

Also referred to as "Precious Topaz", these gemstones range in colour from warm orange to a deep rose colour.  It is one of the rarest forms of topaz.

White Topaz

Although white topaz lacks the sparkle of diamonds, they are still a lovely gemstone and are often used as companion stones with a more valuable stone as a focal point.

Topaz if the birthstone for November

Blue Topaz

There are three main colours in blue topaz; Swiss Blue, London Blue and Sky Blue.  The London blue topaz is the darkest of the blues, while the Swiss blue is a brighter blue stone with a light tone to it.  Sky Blue topaz has a lighter, clearer hue.

Sky blue topaz is a very common gemstone and therefore not expensive. The value placed on it comes from the polishing and cutting of the stone rather than the raw stone itself.  Sky blue topaz, cut and polished can be purchased for around $5.00 per carat - depending on the quality, size and cut.

Properties, meanings and power

Blue Topaz is said to represent romance and friendship.  It is associated with good communication and finding the best pathway to success and good opportunities.  Blue topaz represents love and loyalty.

Caring for your topaz jewellery

As topaz is quite hard, it is very important to store it away from other jewellery to avoid damage.  Warm soapy water and a clean dry cloth can be used to clean a blue topaz.  Over time, dirt can accumulate on the surface of the gemstone and by removing it carefully, it's luster will be restored.