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What is a Tennis Bracelet?

by Judy Wood September 15, 2022 1 min read

Chris Evert, a well-known tennis player, was playing at the US Open.   Suddenly, during the match, she stopped and asked for time-out.  The clasp on her diamond bracelet had broken and the bracelet had fallen off.  She wanted to retrieve it before continuing to play.   There is debate among tennis historians as to whether this incident occurred in 1978 or 1987 - but the event did attract the attention of the public as it was not a common occurrence to wear a diamond bracelet while playing a sport.

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The bracelet she wore was, at the time, referred to as an eternity bracelet. It was created by jewellery designer George Bedewi and was a traditional single row of diamonds with a clasp. 

After the incident on the tennis court, sales of this bracelet soared and similar designs have been known as "Tennis Bracelets" ever since.

Originally "Eternity / Tennis" bracelets were something you would buy your partner to express eternal love.  This is still appropriate today and no-one can resist the beauty of these gorgeous accessories.

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